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Brave was founded in 2017 by entrepreneur Jarle Storaas in collaboration with the Norwegian Industrial Workers Museum, Gaustabanen and local actors in Rjukan. Brave offers activities and experiences inspired by the UNESCO industrial heritage, World War II and the Cold War.



Vemork - Heavy Water Sabotage

The plant’s original purpose had been the production of electricity and fertilizer, now the German occupiers were using the facility to collect large amounts of heavy water – a key ingredient in the Nazi effort to develop an atomic bomb. The Allied Forces along with a group of young Norwegian soldiers risked their lives and sabotaged the heavy water plant during World War II. Join Brave as we walk in the footsteps of the original saboteur route.

On UNESCO world heritage list

The company towns of Rjukan and Notodden are now members of the UNESCO’s World Heritage List. Located in a dramatic landscape of mountains, waterfalls and river valleys the towns host complex hydroelectric power plants, factories and transport systems. The Norsk-Hydro Company was the first to produce artificial fertilizer, built to meet the growing demand of agricultural production. An historic attraction to visit for both young and old.

Industrial Heritage

The company towns of Rjukan and Notodden stand out as unique examples of new global industry in the 20th century, with exceptional technological and social innovations in the workforce. The combination of pioneering hydro-electric power plants, factories and transport systems along with international economic and political influences it created what is known today as the “second industrial revolution”.

Top Secret Dining

Our newest concept is already up and running. A unique dining experience hidden inside of Gaustatoppen mountain, at 1883 meters above sea level. An internal cable car carries you up to NATO’s former radio station, where you will enjoy a 3- course dinner, entertainment and storytelling.

Discover Norway

We welcome both Norwegian and international tourists who wish to learn more about the industrial heritage, UNESCO, World War II and other exciting activities in and around the Telemark region.


Brave offers unique experiences with local guides. Activities include bungee jumping, heliskiing, hiking historic routes, ice climbing, biking Hardangervidda or a ferry ride on the old Storegut across Tinnsjøen.

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Interested in learning more about Norwegian industrial history? Brave offers outdoor experiences in dining, hiking, skiing and cycling. Be Brave and join us!

Event planners & companies

Want to experience something unique? Bring your groups and events outside to explore the Telemark region. We cater to your needs and work with local companies to provide your group with an unforgettable experience. Be Brave and join us!

Extraordinary Experiences

One of our newest concept Top Secret Dining, is already ready for ordering. Here you eat dinner in NATO's old survaliance base station at the top of Gaustatoppen. The experience is filled with excitement, entertainment, good food and storytelling. 3 course meal at 1883 meter (6 177 feet) above sea level will give you a extraordinary experinece