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What is Top Secet Dining

In the early days of espionage, before modern-day spy gadgets we had number stations or the so-called radio. Brave invites you to be a part of an interactive performance; join us for a trip back to the 1960s and the Cold War era and communicate with field agents behind the Iron Curtain. Gaustatoppen towers over the town of Rjukan at a height of 1883 meters. On top you can enjoy fantastic views that span one sixth of Norway. We enter the mountain in a historical tramway 850 meters deep inside the mountain. After the tramway we move over to a gondola going 1145 meters straight up to the top station.

Uniformed military personnel will greet and brief guests before entering the restricted area. After a 15 min trip we have reached the top called Tuddalstippen, situated 80 meters below the Gaustatoppen peak. A security check is required for guests to be allowed into the former NATO base and is part of the interactive performance. Before dinner we venture outside and up to the former Air Force apartment where guests will enjoy an aperitif while sightseeing the surroundings. Inside the old NATO radio-room we offer a unique dining experience unlike anything else in the world, a Norwegian three course traditional gourmet meal. Bring your party shoes or hiking shoes, your choice, and join Brave for an out of this world experience!

3 Course Dinner inside the mountain

Inside the old NATO radio room we offer a unique dining experience. Long before the invention of the Iphone we had number stations or the so-called radio. Join us for a trip back to the 1960s and the Cold War era and communicate with field agents behind the Iron Curtain.


Gaustabanen is a tramway inside the mountain, first launched in 1953 as a project engaged by the Norwegian Armed Forces and NATO. It remained a sealed army base up until 2008 when it was opened up to the public. Brave uses the tramway to transport guests to Top Secret Dining.

Interactive Play

We bring you back in time, back to the Cold War and through the 1960s, 70s and 80s. A tense relationship between power nations Soviet Union and the United States. Norway supported by NATO stood tall against communism and capitalism. Join us as we go behind enemy lines and experience the early days of espionage.

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Feedback from clients

I was invited to Top Secret Dining Monday, June 11 this year. It became an unforgettable experience. Everyone who attended to make this an exciting evening was dedicated and skilled. The frames could not be better, and the implementation from start to finish was exciting, entertaining and educational.

You brought us back in time, made the story alive and gave us a great experience. The food was also very good and amazing that you were able to cook a nice meal, three dishes, at the top of Gaustatoppen. This is an exciting product and an experience that everyone who is lucky to experience it must appreciate. I wish you good luck with the sale. If we get any inquiries where appropriate, we can strongly recommend it with good conscience.

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Caroline Laurhammer